True Grits True Grits


True Grits




4 cups water                                       1 cup Oakview Farms stone ground grits

1 tsp. salt                                            1 Tbs. butter


In heavy saucepan, gently pour grits into cool salted water. Stir well, skim off any chaff floating to the top. Bring water to low boil, reduce heat, cover lightly, and let cook for 20-30 minutes, or until thick. The longer they cook, the creamier they are. Just remember to stir frequently and add more liquid as needed.


Options to add: We prefer our grits with real butter and some cheddar cheese! But others like to substitute half-n-half or milk for some of liquid. Try adding sharp shredded cheese, smoked (cooked) bacon, smoked gouda, lightly sautéed and finely chopped onions, even drained Rotel tomatoes.